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Energy Hub was founded by Reece, an Electrician and Home Builder who is passionate about renewable energy and the potential of solar. 

Reece, A Clean Energy Council accredited designer an installer for nearly a decade, and his capable team have installed 1000s of systems across South Australia.

Energy Hub has a small team with a diverse background including Electricians, Instrument Technicians, Carpenters and General Builders. 

The diverse team composition allows Energy Hub to take a broader approach to the proposition and installation of systems on your new or existing structure(s). Rather than just assuming 'twenty panels will fit up there', you'll get a proposition or solution that considers variables beyond the available space on your roof.


With three bases across South Australia (Adelaide Metro, Marion Bay/Foul Bay and Kapunda), Energy Hub is equipped to respond quickly to jobs across the state. 

The installation teams frequently spend 1-2 weeks at a time on the road installing and repairing systems on the Eyre Peninsular and West Coast 

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